Phase 5: Electrical

Phase 5: Electrical

Did you know that most problems bike owners face is electrical related? You will benefit from our experience building bikes, as we have determined the best compliment of electrical components to provide your bike the charge it needs for a long hassle free life.

Our base kit includes an All Balls starter, Braille battery, Cycle Electric charging system, a Wire Plus custom wire harness designed by us for our bikes, in addition to other quality components.

Our base kit is comprised of the best mix of quality components at an affordable price. Like the bikes we build, each phase includes additional options & upgrades for you to choose from. We start with the budget conscious customer in mind and offer optional
upgrades if desired.

Through many years of building custom/production award winning bikes, we’ve learned which parts have the quality needed to build a safe & lasting bike. We offer these components to you in our bike kits, from budget minded parts to the highest echelon of specialty parts, the quality is there.

Standard list of parts included in this kit:

All Balls Starter, 1.4KW top post

Speedometer, mechanical

Headlight, chrome 5 3/4, halogen bulb

Taillights, rocket lights, chrome, set of 4

Ignition key switch

Battery wire

Battery terminals

fuse & holder, 30A

Alternator charging kit 32 amp

Voltage Regulator

Braille Battery B2015

Battery cushion

Battery cable/starter post boot

Wire Plus/Brass Balls Cycles wiring harness

Wire diagram

Horn, mini chrome

Bracket ignition switch

Battery strap