Phase 4: Powertrain


The heart & soul of your bike is the powertrain. Choose it wisely.

The motor you put in your bike speaks to your personality and riding style. Is it power you want or vintage style? Are you looking for a motor that provides the “best bang for your buck”, or do you want a motor built by a company with a 55 year heritage of building performance quality V-Twins?

We have a nice selection of primary drives to choose from, including enclosed (wet) chain drives and open belt drive options.

If you want a strong transmission at a great value, we strongly suggest Rivera Primo. It’s what we use in all of our Brass Balls Cycles.

Pipes can be tricky. Different motors require different pipes. We are here to help you get the right pipes for your bike.

Our base kit is comprised of the best mix of quality components at an affordable price. Like the bikes we build, each phase includes additional options & upgrades for you to choose from. We start with the budget conscious customer in mind and offer optional
upgrades if desired.

Through many years of building custom/production award winning bikes, we’ve learned which parts have the quality needed to build a safe & lasting bike. We offer these components to you in our bike kits, from budget minded parts to the highest echelon of specialty parts, the quality is there.

This item does not qualify for free shipping. Shipping will be invoiced separately at the time of shipment to customer.


Standard list of parts included in this kit:

Motor: Ultima 107 Natural with chrome rocker boxes (Upgrades to S&S available)

Transmission: Ultima 6 speed, natural with chrome covers (Upgrades to Rivera Primo available)

Primary Drive: Ultima 2" belt drive, old school natural   (Upgrades to BDL available)
Clutch Push Rod

Transmission sprocket

Transmission sprocket nut & washer

O-Ring chain

Oil Filter Mount

Exhaust Pipes: Builder's Kit to build your own

Exhaust gaskets 2 ea

Throttle cable guide

Line Clamps

Upper motor mount w/ coil bracket

Chain guard

Drivetrain hardware

14inch Polished shift linkage

Coil - single fire

Spark plus wires

Oil Filter - black

3/8 Fuel/Oil Hose