Phase 3: Brakes & Controls


Phase 3: Brakes & Controls

Controlling your bike is vital. You need solid controls that work as good as they look and feel like an extension of yourself.

Braking is as important as acceleration. Don’t underestimate the need for great brakes. We’ve made it easy by supplying you with incredible braking options for your bike.

You also have the option of different foot controls, hand controls & grips. The ISR hand controls are incredible and if you are inclined to use the best, don’t pass them up. If you want clean understated switch housings, the ISR again are our preferred choice. Contact us for help selecting which switch housings are best for your bike.

Our base kit is comprised of the best mix of quality components at an affordable price. Like the bikes we build, each phase includes additional options & upgrades for you to choose from. We start with the budget conscious customer in mind and offer optional
upgrades if desired.

Through many years of building custom/production award winning bikes, we’ve learned which parts have the quality needed to build a safe & lasting bike. We offer these components to you in our bike kits, from budget minded parts to the highest echelon of specialty parts, the quality is there.

Standard list of parts included in this kit:

Wilwood Performance brake rotor, front, satin

Wilwood Performance brake rotor, rear, satin

Brass Balls Cycles brake hanger bracket, front, for springer

Brake Heim joint assembly

Wilwood Performance GP300 Caliper, front, polished

Wilwood Performance GP300 Caliper, rear, polished

Brake Banjo fittings, 2 ea. of 15 and 45 degree

Brake Banjo bolts, 2 ea.

Brake rear bracket

Brake hose # 3, black, 30F/40R

Brake switch, boot

Forward Foot Controls, chrome

Grips, Avon, old school rubber, black

Throttle cable 32.5" black

Throttle housing

Idle Cable 32.5" black

Clutch Cable 62.75" black

Hand Controls, chrome, 9/16 master cylinder, brake lever, cable clutch lever

Clutch Cable Clamp