Phase 2: Sheet Metal & Accessories Kit


Phase 2: Sheet Metal & Accessories

Your bike is starting to take shape. Choose from 5 different fuel tank options that we use to build our Model 1, Digger, Classic Bobber, Rocketeer, 69 Chopper and Vintage American bikes. Choose a custom gas cap, perhaps a different oil tank or seat springs. Did you select a wider tire in Phase 1? If so, don’t forget a wider fender option in Phase 2. Have fun with it.

Our base kit is comprised of the best mix of quality components at an affordable price. Like the bikes we build, each phase includes additional options & upgrades for you to choose from. We start with the budget conscious customer in mind and offer optional upgrades if desired. Through many years of building custom/production award winning bikes, we’ve learned which parts have the quality needed to build a safe & lasting bike.

We offer these components to you in our bike kits, from budget minded parts to the highest echelon of specialty parts, the quality is there.


Standard Parts in this Kit:

Gas Tank: Flat side sporty 2.4 gallon, raw (upgrade options available)

Petcock fuel valve, chrome (upgrade to Golan available)

Fuel filter, chrome Oil tank, flat side round center fill w/battery tray, raw

Rear Fender 6.25 for 140mm tire, stamped, untrimmed, raw (upgrade to 8.5 for 180mm rear tire available)

Fender Strut kit

Heavy duty isolators 1/4 M/M, 5/16 M/F

Oil tank brackets

Oil tank drain plug

Oil tank straight hose nipple

1/8 1/8 NPT close clearance 90 degree

Brass Balls Perfect seat pan w/studs, raw (upgrade to Brass Balls logo leather solo seat available)

Traditional coil seat springs

Seat pivot mount, front hinge

Darwin Motorcycles Tag Bracket with LED light, black powdercoat

Fuel Cap, round low profile chrome